The Serpent Grail: The Truth Behind the Holy Grail, the Philosopher's Stone and the Elixir of Life

The fact has been buried for centuries underneath fable, symbolism, and propaganda—but it ultimately involves mild in those pages and will now not be denied. this is often the tale of a rare trip of discovery that uncovers the lifestyles of a serpent-worshipping cult that thrived in the course of the international in precedent days and whose affects have permeated the entire significant religions. The cult’s principal ceremony concerned blending jointly snake blood and venom in a ceremonial bowl, forging a robust therapeutic elixir—and the proof exhibits that this ritual holds the most important to fixing such enigmatic mysteries because the Holy Grail, Elixir of lifestyles, Philosopher’s Stone, and the misplaced urban of Atlantis. It’s not anything under an intensive reinterpretation of worldwide history.

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Good dressing’ could now be considered as a old fashioned outdated English customized, yet for our ancestors the perform used to be performed solemnly and had a deeper which means. The good contained the spirit of the serpent god, and to provide a sacrifice to this god may carry fertility and therapeutic. Researchers from the overdue 19th and early 20th centuries provide us an perception into this old perform. In his travel in Wales, which used to be released in 1784, Thomas Pennant wrote in regards to the village of Llandegla, the place the church was once devoted to St Tecla, a virgin and martyr who suffered by the hands of Nero: approximately 2 hundred yards from the church, in a quillet referred to as Gwen Degla, rises a small spring.

The reply lies in either the medicinal mystery and the propaganda. The Knights Templar are a desirable ancient workforce: warrior priests destined for greatness and but additionally for a very good fall. There are actually billions of phrases devoted to their historical past and but we appear to be no towards the true fact underlying their impressive upward thrust to energy and to the secrets and techniques they're stated to have held. it's claimed that they have been an order of Christian knights of the 12th and 13th centuries. but a lot of their traditions and writings convey a transparent Gnostic trust which used to be at the moment extra attuned to Mandean than Christian pondering.

Bankruptcy TEN American Myths within the prior bankruptcy we investigated the position of the serpent in eu and Celtic mythology. We traced it again in time and area to the center East, the place its origins have been to be present in pre-classical and pre-Biblical instances. yet we have been intrigued to understand even if an identical attributes have been linked to the snake in different components of the realm. in the event that they have been, this might point out that at it slow long ago an historical staff of individuals had disseminated the myths in regards to the serpent.

Salisbury Cathedral, England. Plate 33 above left: A Christian Bishop’s headdress, taken from the traditional worship of Dagon or Oannes, the fish deity – the wearer turning into the fish god. Algarve Museum, Faro, Portugal. Plate 34 above correct: the top of a Gorgon from a Roman tub. Minerva was once a Gorgon and those unusual deities are constantly associated with the serpent, and with therapeutic and watery locations. bathtub, England Plate 35 above: The Roman bathtub so very important to Minerva the clever and linked to serpentine watery deities.

This observable phenomenon used to be additionally utilized to the Shining Ones, the shamanic-led race of ‘serpent beings’, sometimes called ‘the Watchers’, who have been depicted with exact huge around eyes, as glaring in a gaggle of marble statuettes from Tel Asmar in Sumeria (c. 2700-2600 bc). The eyes in a few of these figures also are black and hole, and we will see an identical virtue within the Wondjina rock artwork of the Australasian aboriginals. have been those unusual shamanic humans – the Watchers of Sumerian and biblical legend – chargeable for the starting place of the Grail?

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