The Jesus Mysteries: Was the "Original Jesus" a Pagan God?

By Timothy Freke, Peter Gandy

“Whether you finish that this publication is the main alarming heresy of the millennium or the mum of all revelations, The Jesus Mysteries merits to be read.”
-- castle worthy megastar -Telegram

What if . . .
* there have been completely no facts for the life of a old Jesus?
* for millions of years Pagans had additionally a Son of God?
* this Pagan savior used to be additionally born of a virgin at the twenty-fifth of December prior to 3 shepherds, grew to become water into wine at a marriage, died and was once resurrected, and provided his physique and blood as a Holy Communion?
* those Pagan myths have been rewritten because the gospel of Jesus Christ?
* the earliest Gnostic Christians knew that the Jesus tale was once a myth?
* Christianity grew to become out to be a continuation of Paganism by means of one other identify?

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See Walbank, F. W. (1981), 187. The solar spends approximately 2,000 years in every one signal and the ancients referred to as this a “Great Month. ” through the life of Hipparchus the month replaced from Aries to Pisces; in c. 2040 CE it's going to turn into Aquarius. through the 1st century CE hypothesis at the New Age used to be rife, as was once the perform of astrology with which it was once in detail linked. 86 Quoted in Eisler, R. (1920), seventy one. Dr. Eisler has collated an enormous quantity of facts for the nearest contacts among Orphism and Christianity within the first few centuries, exhibiting how Orpheus the Fisher slowly turned Jesus the Fisher of guys.

The better point of initiates have been referred to as epoptae, which means “to have obvious. ” The epoptae have been those that had understood the internal Mysteries. forty three Kerenyi, C. (1976), Preface, xxiv. regardless of this abundance of actual facts for the recognition of the Dionysus cult, Kerenyi reiterates Nietzsche’s lament that “Even at the present time nearly every thing within the box of the Dionysian nonetheless continues to be stumbled on. ” The Jesus Mysteries is part of this ongoing discovery. forty four Harrison, J. (1922), 413. Dionysus is usually easily known as Dionysus Polynomous, “Many-named Dionysus.

R. S. [1906], 459), The Exegesis of the Soul (see Robinson, J. M. [1978], one hundred ninety) and The Gospel of fact (see Barnstone, W. [1984], 290). See additionally Mead (1906), 385ff. within the Valentinian approach the wedding of Jesus and Sophia happens after she is redeemed from her fallen nation. eighty Robinson, J. M. (1978), one hundred ninety eighty one Pagels, E. (1988), 68-9 eighty two Quoted in Robinson, op. cit. , 129 eighty three Irenaeus, opposed to Heresies, 1. 21 . three eighty four Harrison, J. (1922), 539, quoting Epiphanius eighty five Angus, S. (1925), 116 86 Ibid. , quoting Hippolytus, Philosophoumena, five.

116 Tertullian, at the Proscription of the Heretics, 23, regardless of, or even in respond to, the censuring of Peter through Paul in Galatians 2 v 11ff 117 Lüdemann, G. , op. cit. , 196. The Marcionites mentioned the incompatibility of the Paul of the letters and the individual portrayed in Acts. As Wells notes, “Almost every thing Acts says approximately Paul is tendentious. ” See Wells, G. A. (1975), 17. 118 Quoted in Lane-Fox, R. (1986), 439 119 Ibid. , 436, 420, for the analogy among early Christians and the Islamic martyrs of Iran: “Gassing and chemical burns are the fashionable heirs of the fires and wild beasts.

Elgabalus attempted to implement the monotheistic cult of Helios. 174 To advise their declare of “one Empire, one Emperor” within the face of accelerating fragmentation, the Roman Emperors wanted “one faith”—a common or “catholic” faith. these types of cults have been proposed at assorted instances, yet with no luck. within the first half the fourth century Emperor Constantine attempted Christianity. It used to be a great candidate for the function. The Romans wanted a secret faith simply because they have been consistently well-liked by the folk.

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