Life of Saint Augustine (Studies and Texts)

By John Capgrave

Publication by means of Capgrave, John

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Augustine, Conf. nine. three, can pay tribute to this beneficiant and dedicated buddy. 22 De achademicis] Jordanus mentions the identify simply; Capgrave's burdened ex­ planation, which posits books, stems, maybe, from Augustine's ambivalence in Retract. 1 . 1 , CCL forty seven. 7. 'Nondum baptizatus Contra achademicos uel De acha­ demicis primum conscripsi'. 22-26 For Achademia was once a city the place Plato tawt] within the suburbs of Athens the place Plato had received estate. The time period Academy could have derived from a gymasium outfitted there to honour a definite Hecademus.

Point 34/26 delectabily adv. sweetly 19/12 delectable adj. friendly 16/19, pleasant 19/8, stress-free 41/17 delectacio(u)n n. pleal)ure 23/17; delectacionis pt pleasures 13/16 delyuered v. pp. freed 12/32 denouns v. inf. announce three 7/31 denye v. inf. refuse 32/12 departed v. pp. divided 1/5, disbursed three 7/29 barren region n. desolate tract 13/5 wish n. want Pr/24, longing, craving 7/41, request 17/24, prayer, request 21/5 wanted v. p. t. asked Pr/15, requested 17/29, wanted 21/3, yearned for 21/5 ; desiri(y)ng pr. p.

Arbesmann, R. "The version of the Vita s. Augustini in Boston Public Library MS 1483. " Revue des etudes Augustiniennes 1 1 (1965) 43-54. . "Henry of Friemar's Treatise at the foundation and improvement of the Hermit Friars and its real and genuine name. " Augustiniana 6 (1956) 37145. . "Jordan of Saxony's Vita s. Augustini the resource of John Capgrave's lifetime of St. Augustine. " Traditio 1 (1943) 341-353. . "The 'Malleus' Metaphor in Medieval Characterization. " Traditio three (1945) 389-391. --. "The query of the Regula s.

Austyn] the gloss is Capgrave's. CAPITIJLUM XI 31 The customized of his moder and eke of pe cuntre whill sche dwelt in Affrik was once to provide bred and potage and wyn at pe aucteris the place martires have been byried. And pis customized was once forbode rent be pe kepere of pe cherch at Melane, seying onto hir pat it was once pe bischoppis wil, Ambrose, pat swech mete and drynk sche schuld 3eue to pore males, and to pe thoughts of pe 30 martires sche schuld bcynge, he seid, a deuoute soule ful of holy prayeres. Whan sche herd pis, deuoutely sche chaunged hir vse aftir pat infor­ macioun.

Yet there have been five, no longer three undefined: 'videremur nobis esse posse decem ferme homines'. 32 UFE OF SAINT AUGUSTINE On what maner oure lord suffered Alipius to be appechid of robbery. xii T 16v his processe tel13 Augustin in pe vi e-book of his Confessiones in pis maner. Alipius, he . seith, used to be at Cartage stodying in rethorik. It was once pe vsage at poo dayes pa[t] pe rethoricianes schuld pleten in court docket for euery reason whech was once litigious. This Alipius, a litil ahead of pe courtroom schuld be carry, walkyd on my own together with his reporting tables in his hand stodying fu1 bysily, for it was once his cours pat day for to plete.

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