Eminent Chinese of the Ch'ing Period 1644-1912, Volume 2

By Arthur W. Hummel

Contributors contain: ok. Biggerstaff, H. Dubs, J.K. Fairbank, Fang Chao-ying, L.C.Goodrich, Hu Shih, T.Numata, E. Swisher, Teng Ssu-yu, C.M. Wilbur, H. Wilhelm. Hummel’s biographical dictionary is still the one essential reference device for chinese language background due to the fact that 1644. It used to be first released in 1943–44. ‘The top background of China of the final three hundred years’ – Hu Shih.

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Pedition of the Taipings was once an entire failure. SarhUda died a 12 months after the conflict, on the age For his exploits during this connection, Scng-ko-linof sixty-one (sui) and was once canonized as Hsiang- ch'in was once first raised to a prince of the 1st measure 632 S€mg-ko-lin-ch'in Seng-ko-lin-ch'in (~:£) with the designation Bodo! gatai f:f~tr! J tung, and received many battles. accordingly, in 1862, his princedom of the 1st measure was once restored to him. within the spring of 1863 he conquered them in northwestern Anhwei the place he captured and carried out the Nien leader, Chang Lo-hsing ifl¥3-fi, who had marauded the geographical region for greater than ten years.

V. ], yet he had not more than crossed the Yangtze whilst he discovered of the Ming emperor's demise and the autumn of Peking. wearing mourning, he again to Nanking to participate in making a choice on the recent emperor. He recommended that the Prince of Lu (see below Chu I-hai) be made emperor, yet his plan was once adversarial by means of Ma Shih-ying and Juan Ta-ch'eng [qq. v. ] who succeeded in putting the Prince of Fu (see below Chu Yu-sung) at the throne as an alternative. Ma's ambition to develop into a robust Grand Secretary couldn't be fulfilled except Shih left the courtroom.

V. ]. [1/380/3b; 3/108/34a; 5/8/23a; 7/21/16a; 13/4/9a; 20/3/00 with portrait. ] Lr MAN-KUEI [q. v. ]. T'AI-tsu. Temple identify of Nurhaci [q. v. ]. T'AI-tsung. Temple identify of Abahai [q. v. ]. T'AN Ssu-t'ung RUPJIPJ (T. -~ H. lf±N), Mar. 10, 1865-1898, Sept. 28, thinker, and martyr within the 1898 reform circulation was once a local of Liu-yang, Hunan. In boyhood he used to be an assiduous and accomplished reader, and confirmed significant promise as an essayist. while he built a keenness for swordsmanship and displayed an unrestricted outlook on lifestyles.

T'ang Pin was once an orthodox Confucianist, yet in contrast to Lu Lung-chi [q. v. ], he didn't oppose the philosophy of Wang Shou-jen (see less than Chang Li-hsiang), probably as a result of the impression of solar Ch'i-feng. In 1733 his identify was once entered within the Temple of Eminent Statesmen. 4 years later he used to be canonized as Wen-cheng 3tlE, some of the most venerated of posthumous names. In 1823 his identify was once entered via imperial decree within the Temple of Confucius. a suite of his writings, entitled liJIBt. 1:il~ Ch'ien-an hsien-sheng i-kao, in five chuan, used to be published in 1690.

Numerous individuals of scholarly tastes, and his ability in calligraphy in his kin held hereditary ranks, of them which he excelled as much as the time of his dying on the age of eight-two (sui). He left a set turning into viscounts. of prose and verse which, in accordance with fragments [1/240/15b; 2/78/37b; Hauer, Erich, Huang-Ts'ing that have survived, convey him to have had unk'ai-kuo fang-lueh, pp. 261-84, 376 f, 511-543, often superb sensibilities. regrettably his et passim. ] manuscripts have been misplaced within the nice flood of 1757.

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